SDTT Apprentice Program

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Coyote Goal:
To keep people involved with the SDTT and continue to train transect leaders, instructors, and other active volunteers on an ongoing basis so that the team is self-perpetuating.

Features of the Apprentice Program:

  • There will be a $50.00 charge for participating in this program. SDTT donor membership is strongly encouraged and current year SDTT donor members can enroll in the Apprentice Program for $40. We’ve done our best to keep our programs affordable, and we appreciate the time and effort put forth by our volunteers, but as part of putting on a quality program we do have expenses.
  • The apprentice program is customized for each participant based on his or her goals, interests, and availability. Participants will be expected to put in at least 100 hours in various SDTT activities. Transects, assisting with classes, tracking walks, deer DNA study (or other specified field research), and continuing education workshops all have minimum participation requirements totaling 50 hours. The remaining 50 hours may be earned with any combination of these activities. Journaling (max 5 hours) and article writing (max 5 hours) are optional and can be also be used. Other Tracker or Naturalist training (Tom Brown, Jon Young, MTRP docent, etc.) can also count up to a maximum of 25 hours. Relevant past experience can be applied towards the 100 hours.
  • Mentors will be available for each apprentice. We will attempt to match apprentice and mentor based on areas of common interest and level of intensity. This is not a teaching relationship as much as it is a resource for discussion. The apprentice is expected to reach out and make contact with the mentor. The apprentice should try to participate in activities with which the mentor is already involved. It is required that an apprentice have at least one one-on-one session with their mentor so that there will be something on which to base an evaluation. This is a program in development; feedback from both mentor and apprentice is needed.
  • The Apprentice Program is normally expected to be a program lasting up to 18 months, although hours compiled prior to those 18 months can be included. If it is not completed within 18 months, the Apprentice's status will be reviewed and appropriate steps taken.
  • An Apprentice becomes a Tracker when he or she has completed the 100 hours, and a consensus that advancement is appropriate is reached among mentors and SDTT senior trackers who have had contact with the apprentice. The promotion from Apprentice to Tracker will be recognized in the Clear Print and at the next SDTT lecture or event. The new Tracker will be presented with a Certificate and a SDTT name badge. We would like the new trackers to introduce themselves by writing an article for the next Clear Print about their experiences as an Apprentice.
P.O. Box 502345    Telephone: (760) 715-4102
San Diego, CA 92150-2345    Email: info@sdtt.org