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Tracking Groups The San Diego Tracking Team offers a wide range of educational programs for both adults and children. Our goal is to help people connect with the natural environment by increasing their awareness skills, improving their knowledge, and fostering an attitude of stewardship.

Our Wildlife Survey Volunteer Training is a free one-day class to introduce people to tracking and the techniques used in our Quarterly Wildlife Track & Sign Survey. For those who would like a more in-depth experience, there are the Tracker/Naturalist classes: a series of three (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) two-day classes that include both lectures and field work in a big-picture approach.

Junior Naturalist is our program for children (kindergarten through high-school) to introduce them to our local environment and inspire an appreciation for science and the natural world. All too often children are now sheltered from the outdoor experiences that so many of us took for granted. Through Junior Naturalist, children can make connections with the environment that will last a lifetime. At this time, we are offering this program for groups only.

Besides the programs listed here, we also do customized trainings for groups such as professional biologists and students from the local universities, and outreach presentations for interested groups. We could probably do something for your group too!

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San Diego, CA 92150-2345    Email: info@sdtt.org