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We are the San Diego Tracking Team. Teaching people how to track wildlife is our passion!

Tracking connects us with the earth and her magnificent resources. We believe that more people should be aware of the valuable benefits San Diego’s open spaces offer. Many volunteers already support our efforts by participating in wildlife surveys, teaching, grant writing, and data entry, just to name a few. But there is more that can be done…

Become a Donor Member of the San Diego Tracking Team today! With your financial support, you can assist the San Diego Tracking Team in achieving our goals.

As a member at any level, you will receive a Membership Card entitling you to a $10 discount off the registration fee for any Tracker/Naturalist class and an invitation to our annual Appreciation Event. Sponsor members will receive a free copy of the latest version of our Wildlife Survey Pocket Guide. Sustaining members can join SDTT Founder Barry Martin and friends on a special outing in mountain lion country. Certainly there is a membership match for you!

We encourage you to show your support for San Diego Tracking Team by becoming a member! Whether or not this is your first financial commitment, we know you will enjoy the benefits as well as feel great satisfaction by helping to sustain a worthwhile cause. The San Diego Tracking Team is a 501(c)(3) California nonprofit corporation. Your membership is tax-deductible as provided by law.

Donate By Internet Donate By Mail
P.O. Box 502345    Telephone: (760) 715-4102
San Diego, CA 92150-2345    Email: info@sdtt.org