Speaker’s Series

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Joan Embery
  • September 2010 - Download
    Anna Mitelberg on the effectiveness of wildlife corridors for mule deer populations in San Diego.

  • February 2010 - Download
    Barry Martin with a presentation “Tracking in South Africa.”

  • November 2008 - Download
    The California Wolf Center is pleased to present "Learning from the Gray Wolf: Keystone Species and Ecosystem Conservation."

  • October 2007 - Download
    Adriaan Louw on Trailing: Tales and Techniques from South Africa.

  • September 2006 - Download
    Dana Morin shares with us her masters thesis on how fragmentation impacts carnivore activity and rodent communities.

  • April 2006 - Download
    Nate Kempton on Landscape Tracking

  • January 2006 - Download
    Jim Lowery on Tracks as Windows

  • November 2005 - Download
    Mike Puzzo on the Southern California Puma Project

  • August 2005 - Download
    Mark Elbroch on Tracking with Bushmen

  • April 2005
    Joan Embery on her Experiences Collaring Mountain Lions

  • March 2005
    Shea Valero, Are Wildlife Corridors Functioning in San Diego County?

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