Wildlife Survey

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One of the primary activities of the San Diego Tracking Team is the quarterly Wildlife Track and Sign Survey. Since 1996, SDTT volunteers have been monitoring habitat by collecting data on the presence of key mammal species. To learn more about the history of the SDTT and the need for habitat monitoring especially in a fragmented habitat, please look around througout the site.

SDTT wildlife surveys are conducted quarterly by our highly-trained transect leaders with the help of community volunteers. A transect is the basic unit of our wildlife survey; in short, it is a designated section of trail approximately one mile in length and 30 feet in width. Most of our approximately 50 transects are surveyed either two or four times per year. Transects are surveyed and data is recorded according to our strict protocol.

SDTT’s protocol for wildlife monitoring has been approved by California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG), US Fish and Wildlife, Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) and the City and County of San Diego, all represented on SDTT’s Scientific Advisory Group. Our data has been accepted in the identification and design of wildlife corridors to be protected. A recent study for CDFG administered by CBI (3/2003) concluded that our protocol was more effective at documenting presence and abundance of a broad range of mammals than alternative methods.

We are always welcoming new volunteers for our wildlife surveys. Free volunteer trainings are held quarterly on the third Saturday in January, April, July, and October. After participating in this training (or equivalent) volunteers are welcome to participate in as many transects as they’d like, both for the current survey period and in the future. The Wildlife Survey Schedule is usually available at the time of the volunteer training, but it is often revised over the course of the survey period.

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